I’ll admit the title of this post sounds a bit ridiculous because, as a reader, I might think … do I really need advice on how to NOT do something? True: it sure is easy to get in the shower and just not wash your hair, but this guide will walk you through the tools you need to get your hair to go along with your goal of washing your hair less. I’ll explain how to avoid looking like a little oil ball by midday, the products you’ll need to get you there, and the styling techniques to avoid.

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Herbal Essence Naked Cleansing Conditioner Review


Affordable alternatives to the incredibly popular Wen Cleansing Conditioner have been popping up everywhere. Wen’s been around for a couple years now; you may have seen an infomercial for it and thought … what the hell is a cleansing conditioner? Fair question.

What the hell is a cleansing conditioner?

These 2-in-1s sound too good to be true. They promise to cleanse and condition your hair in one step. In stark comparison to 2-in-1 shampoos, these bad boys claim to lightly refresh oily locks, while infusing hair with moisture. If you’ve ever (foolishly) tried using a two-in-one shampoo, possibly while on a trip and without your normal shampoo and conditioner, then you understand why this distinction is important.

2-in-1 shampoos most often contain large amounts of sodium lauryl sulfates, the main cleansing agent in shampoos, and consequently strip hair of any moisture (and self-decency). They rarely actually condition hair. As you can probably tell, I do not suggest 2-in-1 shampoos. Leave those on the shelf for utilitarian men who ain’t got no time to condition.

The skinny on cleansing conditioners. How to use them and how to skip washes.

Cleansing conditioners, on the other hand, offer the perfect solution to those instances when your hair isn’t very dirty but needs a rinse. Post-gym and pre-dinner with friends is my most common scenario. I’ve gone to a workout class (go me!) and gotten just sweaty enough to have lifeless, slightly damp (read: sweaty) hair. I barely need a shower. But that hair. Sigh. I can’t bring that hair to dinner. And i’m not really a hats woman.

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Rattail comb, Dove’s Dry Shampoo


It sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not! Dry shampoo is a hair styling product designed to help you skip a shampoo or two! Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of how to incorporate this product into your hair care routine.


Dry shampoos are formulated much like normal shampoo, with different offerings for different hair types. Select one that best suits your hair. There are formulations for thick, curly hair and formulations for thin, oily hair. Choose what’s best for you.

Dry shampoos typically leave a slight white cast on the hair, unless they’re formulated with different colored powders for brunettes. If you have dark brown or black hair, you may prefer to try one of these.

Check the ingredients. Most dry shampoos contain powders, silica, or talcs designed to absorb excess oils on your scalp and throughout the hair. If you’re looking to add volume to your style, then choose a product containing silica. It’s an amazing volumizer and texturizer.


You’ll need the affectionately named “rattail” comb and your fingers. That’s it! Brush your hair straight back and hold the bottle 8 to 10 inches from your scalp. Spray a liberal amount along your hairline making sure to PUSH the nozzle ALL the way down the entire time. Failing to do so will keep the powders from leaving the bottle, and you’ll end up with only the alcohol-based liquid on your hair.

Then using your rattail comb, part your hair directly down the center and spray along the part. Then re-part hair each inch or so, moving down toward an ear and re-spraying the part. Repeat on the other half of your head. You may want to spray a little additional product through the crown area for lift.

Let the product sit on the scalp for a solid 5 minutes. Brush your teeth, apply your foundation, go about your morning routine giving the product time to absorb the oil sitting on your scalp.

Then brush through your hair using the rattail comb. If you have quite curly hair, you may prefer to only move the comb through the roots, choosing instead to use your fingers to work any remaining product through your hair.

Replace Your Hairspray

I prefer to use dry shampoo to set most of my hairstyles. If you have fine or thin hair, you might also prefer the texture dry shampoo gives without causing helmet head. Just apply dry shampoo using the same level of discretion as when you’re applying hairspray, while concentrating more of the product toward your roots. This trick is especially helpful when styling bangs!

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Perhaps you’re lucky and never struggle with mid-winter death-by-dry-skin, but for many of us, January and February are the scary months when putting on yoga capris, instead of pants, stops being an option. It’s not just that you’ve basically broken up with your razor; you’ve also got some scary dry skin. Besides being unattractive (who are we really trying to impress in yoga anyway?), dry skin is pretty uncomfortable. Here are some simple tips to help each part of your body make it to spring!


1. Wear foundation. Having an extra layer of protection between you and the cold is almost a must in winter. Foundations have come a long way in the last few years. Now, applying foundation can be another step in your skincare routine. No joke. If you don’t have oily skin, then try Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. It’s been a cult favorite the last couple years for a couple reasons: 1. it’s a clear dupe for Nars’ Sheer Glow Foundation; 2.  it’s infused with antioxidants and has an SPF of 20. I have oily skin but don’t have any problems wearing this. If you think your skin is too, too, too oily or acne prone for liquid foundation, then give Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation for oily skin a try. In my opinion, it’s the best drugstore foundation available. It is full coverage, though. If you’re  like me and don’t want full coverage, then apply it with a damp beauty sponge. I do this with all foundations because it helps them go on thinner and blend better.

2. Reconsider your skincare routine. If you haven’t changed anything about your skincare routine since August, you probably aren’t doing everything you can to avoid dry skin. In the summer, I’m all about cleansers that banish oil, but in the winter, those make my face tight and itchy.

3. Exfoliate OR use a retinol product. You need to help your skin do away with dead cells more in the winter. Gentle exfoliators are a great way to get glowing skin. If you find that exoliators irritate your skin, then consider adding a retinol serum to your nighttime routine instead. Retinols are great for anti-aging and for helping to clear acne because they aid cell turnover and help unclog pores. They’re basically magic.

4. Use an eye cream. That area of skin under your eyes produces no oil –it doesn’t even have oil glands. Weird, right? How does mascara manage to mosey on down below your eyes, then? It’s actually the upper lid oil that makes its obnoxious way under your eye. Keep in mind that because that area contains no oil glands, it’s completely up to you to prevent aging. If you’re not interested in having more products than necessary, then just dab on extra moisturizer there each time you moisturize. Dab. Don’t rub. Hit the upper lid, too.


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Warby Parker Home Try-On Service Review Fitz Frame

Warby Parker Home Try-On Service

Warby Parker Home Try-On Service Review









Wanna know if Warby Parker is the way to go for some new, admittedly hipster, specs?


I’m voting yes alllll day

This at-home, spec fitting service is proof positive that some companies are actually listening to what consumers want and to what consumers ain’t got no time (or money) for. Like Netflix, Warby Parker has taken the disruptive route and understands that there may be a distinct difference between what you’re used to and what you actually want.  With Netflix, it’s original television a season at a time. With Warby Parker, it’s the opportunity to wear a pair of frames around for a couple days. 5 to be exact.


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courtesy of Evil Erin


1. Tanning

… I understand. I LOVE what summer does to us. Your hair lightens up a little, your skin smooths over with caramel, your whole look transforms. The image above is hot, frankly.



Long-term, the sun is not our friend. In fact, most visible signs of aging are caused by the sun’s rays. When I go to the beach, I’m great about slathering the high SPF sunscreen on throughout the afternoon, as I go in and out of the ocean. But I’m not so great about remembering the sunscreen when I bike around the whole island before 11am. If you’re in the sun, have sunscreen on. There are so many light sunscreen sprays these days. Spray yourself down and reapply according to the instructions on the bottle. If you need motivation, pull to mind the worst example you can muster of those iconic images of … older folks who have spent the last 30 years sprawled out across Miami’s shore. Yeah. And if you love yourself tan that much, invest in some healthy self-tanners. I’ll write a post about some here shortly. I gotchu covered. ;)

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