OPI's "Rally Pretty Pink"

This fingernail polish, while tricky to photograph, is gorgeous. With the heavy gold AND neon yellow-lime duo-chrome, OPI’s “Rally Pretty Pink” is one more reason to do your work outside. I became a raccoon in the sunlight this week, staring at my bright shiny nails.

This polish is from OPI’s “Serena Grand Slam” release, which has been out for a while. It includes this polish, “Rally Pretty Pink,” and a crackle polish, “red shatter” for layering over top. I haven’t tried that pairing yet; although, something tells me that if Serena Williams thinks it’s a good look, I should try it out.  I first met “Rally Pretty Pink” in a nail salon in sweet ol’ Charlotte, North Carolina. As the woman painted my toes with the color, I fumbled with my phone until I found the polish on amazon and ordered myself a bottle before it could dry on my toes. I liked it “a lot.”


Revlon's Colorstay Base Coat, Orly's "Fantasea," OPI's "Rally Pretty Pink," and Revlon's Colorstay Top Coat

Orly’s “Fantasea”
I actually put “Rally Pretty Pink” over two coats of Orly’s “Fantasea,” which I bought around the same time. I’ve since realized they are nearly identical, with the only difference being that OPI’s version has lots of extra gold shimmer. Both work well on their own, seem to match everything, somehow, and would be lots of fun to wear at the beach.




The dress is pretty, too, huh?

Revlon’s New Colorstay Base and Top Coats
These two have recently become my favorite base and top coat. They do everything they should: the base coat helps to strengthen your nails and protect them from darker polishes, and the top coat dries quickly and it basically cements your polish to your nails. I recently wore the same nail look for almost two weeks. When I took it off, it hadn’t chipped. Sure, it was an Orly polish sandwiched between these two cool kids, but I’m excited to see if cheaper polishes stay on just as well with these two starting and finishing the job. I highly suggest checking these out!


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